There is a reason we are called Superior Sound Entertainment.  The name says it all. Of course we provide you with a great night of entertainment, but we also pride ourselves on our superior sound.  When you hire a DJ you want a crisp, clean sound that naturally attracts people to the dance floor, and even makes those non-dancers in your crowd enjoy the music and tap their feet!

We use professional mobile DJ equipment capable of filling any sized room with adequate sound.  The equipment is housed in classy looking black road cases made especially for mobile DJs and bands that frequently set up and tear down their equipment.  We use brand names that are known for quality including Yamaha, Peavey, Electro-Voice, Numark, Behringer, and American DJ.

Since our superior sound is of such importance, we start with an all digital, broadcast quality music library.  The music is played through a professional DJ mixing program with audio processors and then goes through an equalizer to give it the best possible sound.  The music is then amplified by a high powered amplifier and sent through a top of the line speaker system.  When the music hits your ears it will be crisp and clean and at the perfect volume level for your crowd.

Our lighting systems are something we put a lot of pride into as well.  All of our lights are state of the art LED light systems which allow plenty of flexibility in lighting on the dance floor and they use very little energy.  There are several computerized programs built into each light and they all move to the beat of the music in every color imaginable.  We will mix and match the lights based on the tempo of the music or the energy of the crowd.  You can have anything from one color flooding the dance floor to a night club type light show!

Superior Sound Entertainment would love to bring our professional quality equipment to your event.  We will be sure to make it a success!